Goal: correct excessive pronation (foot roll), improve body map.
Starting position: sitting on the floor; the lower limb is located on a gymnastic cube. The foot relative to the shin bones is at an angle of 90°, is in a neutral position without pronation and supination.
Application: in this version, two pieces of tape 5 centimeters wide are used. A handle is made from one piece, which we will subsequently use to tighten the skin.
A small piece of tape (handle) is placed over the area of ​​projection of the tibialis anterior tendon on the medial arch of the foot.

The application begins in the area of ​​the inner ankle, from where the tape passes, going through the ankle joint, to the outer part of the foot. Crossing the plantar part, across, it comes out to the inner surface of the foot, where we place it on the base of the handle (the first segment) previously located there. After this, we pull the handle up, shifting the skin of the area of ​​the inner part of the foot along the tendon of the tibialis anterior muscle and fix this displaced position of the handle and the skin under it with the main piece of tape. Then, without tension, we continue along the ankle joint, heading upward. Application can be continued along the way tibialis anterior muscle, located on the front surface of the lower leg.
By moving the skin on the inside of the foot, we give a certain signal to the brain, and this is very important in maintaining optimal position. Also, the presented application will send a signal when the foot is pronated, since the tape will be stretched and this will be felt well. A kind of kinesthetic hint that will allow you to feel the pronation (rolling) of the foot and pay attention to it in time.
Taping the neutral position of the foot (Shopard joint)