About the seminar
Seminar for instructors and trainers on maintaining physical health in the process of choreographic and sports training.
The first part of the seminar includes a theoretical block with the principles of physiological movement of the human body and ways to minimize injuries as well as the practical part of using these principles for each part of the body with an analysis of specific exercises. The second part is devoted to the brain and its leading role in all functions of the body. You will learn about how to stretch without pain (muscle principles); how to remove pain if it interferes with exercising; how to form the necessary habits in a child (posture, eversion). The seminar will be completed by information on first aid in case of an injury.

Scientifically confirmed information on the preservation of children's health in conditions of increased physical activity
Ready-made cases
for work
Solving urgent problems in choreography (piled feet, excessive bends in the spine, protruding shoulder blades, etc.)

Changing the approach to the brain
A new understanding of our brain, which will partially change the approach to training. A muscle is not a rubber band; you do not need to stretch it. Show the brain that it needs to do and it will stretch it without pain and suffering for the child.
Denis Aleksandrovich Kablukov
Author and presenter of the seminar
Author of the books "Health in ballet" and "Ballerina's foot".
Developer and inventor of special trainers and techniques for physique development and health preservation.
Graduated from Vladivostok State Medical University with a degree in Pediatrics in 2012, had an internship in Neurology in 2013, residency in Manual Medicine in 2015, postgraduate study in Clinical Medicine in 2019, in parallel with postgraduate studies in several professional retraining in the specialties "Sports Medicine" and "Health Organization".

After graduation, Denis had expanded his experience by working with athletes, including children. From 2016 to 2020, he worked at the Primorsky Branch of the Mariinsky Theater as chief physician and biomedical support doctor for the ballet troupe. There he had the opportunity to observe and study the changes caused by special physical training in the body of a ballet dancer.

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Workshop program
The basic principles of human body movement are discussed, using which we will learn to select exercises in the future

Lower limb motor chain. How to select exercises to keep these body segments healthy. Why ankle mobility is so important and how to get it.
Regaining strength and discussing issues related to the first part of the seminar
Analysis of the hip joint, the entire spine and the shoulder joint with the shoulder blades. How to properly develop the hip joint, how to make sure that the back does not hurt from intense physical activity and does not limit the child's capabilities.
Opportunity to ask questions and discuss the covered topic
We analyze the principles of our nervous system. .You just need to know what language to speak with the child's brain. Provision of first aid in case of injury. Every coach and instructor should know this.
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Reviews on the seminar
  • Knowledge! I am totally for the health of my trainees. Thank you for the quality information, for its practical application. Wow! What I know now. It was very interesting.
  • What was felt on an intuitive level, today is decomposed on the shelves. Lots of new discoveries and knowledge. Everything needs to be rethought and put into practice.
  • Thanks again for the workshop! So much useful information. Just thank you so much for what you are doing! You completely overturn your consciousness! You can multiply your work by 1000! Just imagine how many children you keep healthy! I have 60 of them alone ... and if you count all the students of everyone who listens to you ... This is an incredible number! All the best to you, thank you very much again !!!
  • Special thanks for your hard work! We as ballet dancers really needed it! I practically use your exercises for myself and for my students. And I see the result. If your knowledge had been available to us earlier, many unpleasant moments in the profession could have been avoided. But better late than never!
    Saint Petersburg
  • It's just a bomb! Explosion in my head. How I lived before without knowing all this. Today I received answers to many questions that trouble me from the inside. I got better and I can feel it. This is the best feeling. Thank you.
  • Time flew by like one minute, I did not even notice how the day went. Everything was so engaging, so informative. She took with her the most valuable knowledge and a notebook covered with writing. Thank you for such energy, for such a presentation, for what you are doing!