About the seminar

A seminar for parents on health and a parent's help to the child.
How can a parent help you achieve your goal without harm. Children repeat a lot at home. The seminar deals with the most common problems with posture (hyperlordosis, hyperkyphosis, flat-valgus installation of the foot). The trainer pays less attention to these issues in special physical training classes, since this is not the purpose of the classes. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parent, and specific cases with exercises for children are given at the seminar. What, how and how much to do so that the posture is correct.

Your children's health is your responsibility. The task of the trainer is to prepare and educate the athlete or ballet dancer, but not to monitor his physical health. Health problems completely fall on the parent's shoulders and here you need to know how to help your child learn to control the correct posture, how to give the right habits. Sometimes children do not understand the words and simply by saying straighten their backs - the back will straighten for exactly 10 seconds. And then the child will again take the natural position. You need to know how to influence these habits, and at the seminar we sort it out.
Denis Aleksandrovich Kablukov
Author and presenter of the seminar
Author of the books "Health in ballet" and "Ballerina's foot".
Developer and inventor of special trainers and techniques for physique development and health preservation.
Graduated from Vladivostok State Medical University with a degree in Pediatrics in 2012, had an internship in Neurology in 2013, residency in Manual Medicine in 2015, postgraduate study in Clinical Medicine in 2019, in parallel with postgraduate studies in several professional retraining in the specialties "Sports Medicine" and "Health Organization".

After graduation, Denis had expanded his experience by working with athletes, including children. From 2016 to 2020, he worked at the Primorsky Branch of the Mariinsky Theater as chief physician and biomedical support doctor for the ballet troupe. There he had the opportunity to observe and study the changes caused by special physical training in the body of a ballet dancer.

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Workshop program
Introductory part and theoretical foundations
How to see when and what kind of help a child needs. What the parent should pay attention to.
Practical part
A set of exercises for home use. All exercises are extremely light but very effective and are aimed at combating common posture problems in children.
We are strengthening for further work. We discuss questions.

How to stretch at home

How to stretch at home so as not to get injured. Working with muscle tone, helping your child recover after a hard day. Provision of first aid in case of injury. The first steps.
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