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Book «Health in Ballet»
The book describes functional deviations from the musculoskeletal system and provides adaptive exercises that will allow you to maintain your sports health for many years, avoid unnecessary injuries and enjoy the profession without pain.
This book will be useful for ballet dancers, teachers, choreographers, coaches, athletes, students of choreographic schools – everyone whose life is connected with movement.

The first part is devoted to the human musculoskeletal system, from the foot to the cervical spine, and focuses on a step-by-step analysis of exercises that preserve health. The second part is aimed at preparing the body for physical activity and recovery after it. The third part deals with the need to train the nervous system to improve the quality of movement.

The exercises suggested on the pages of the book will prepare the body for the increased physical activity of both ballet dancers and people who are actively involved in sports.
The book is written in comprehensive language and is available for understanding by children. All exercises described in the book are supported by photographs for a more accurate understanding of the text.
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