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Book "Ballerina's Foot"
Taking care of health, using a rational approach to training, knowing of the principles of growth and development of the human body will allow the reader to acquire new skills and emotions in a profession related to movement.
There are many opinions and recommendations on how to develop the foot, whether in ballet, gymnastics or other aesthetic directions. In this book, I have systematized the knowledge that I have collected piece by piece from various sources. These are international conferences, scientific articles and publications of Russian and foreign authors and of course, own experience of working with the artists of the Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theater as a doctor providing medical and biological support for the ballet troupe.
In the book the information on the structure, functioning, development and deviations of the development of a person's foot under physical stress is presented.

The normal foot of a ballerina is slightly different from the normal foot of an ordinary person – you will find out why in this book!

This book will help everyone whose life, hobbies and work are connected with movement or teaching thereof. The knowledge and skills acquired at the very beginning of a long journey are the foundation to which everything else is fastened. That is why it is necessary to establish the right habits for children alongside with understanding of the structure and work of the musculoskeletal system. This allows to find a completely different approach to training, to the selection of physical exercises. Understanding what the foot consists of, how it works, how it grows and develops, how to prevent diseases associated with physical activity - all this will help maintain health in the profession. A profession that brings so many emotions to both performers and spectators.
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