is an opportunity to keep your health in movement
Regular intensive training leaves an imprint on the physical health, especially of children, but its negative impact can be minimized.
You will learn about the specificity of physical exercises, ways to stay healthy, how to prevent ballet injuries and much more from HEALMO.
We know the nature of the human body and understand that it cannot be changed by force, therefore the entire methodology is built on learning to use one’s potential, the development of the data of a specific person, and all the brand’s products emphasize this.
Movement is something that can change our brain, but movement must be biochemically safe, otherwise we form the wrong habit, which leads to injury and forced limitation of mobility.
HEALMO will not allow this!
Let's talk with the founder of the brand Denis Kablukov
In a short interview he will answer the most frequently asked questions:
Denis, thank you for this work, it’s wonderful
that there are people who help coaches and choreographers monitor the health of their children.