Personal consultation on health issues
Individual reception
Examination and testing of the child for restrictions on classical choreography classes at a professional level or preparation for admission to a choreographic school. Identification of functional abnormalities in the musculoskeletal system
Physical assessment
Functional Data Assessment
Testing a child’s functional readiness for professional choreography classes without harm to health. Special tests of basic movements necessary for the safe development of new motor skills
Selection of necessary exercises to minimize injuries
Selection of the necessary exercises to minimize injuries - an individual set of exercises (if necessary) to correct existing deviations in physical development or functionally incorrect movements that can lead to injury.
Selection of necessary exercises for data development
Selection of the necessary exercises for the development of data - an individual set of exercises for realizing the child’s potential, realizing his anatomy. Leading exercises and exercises to increase awareness of movements to increase the level of physical development of the child
Type of consultation
Online reception
conducted via Zoom

Cost of admission -
43.99 $
Offer for choreographic and sports schools -
special price
We have developed a special offer for schools in different cities
Maly Predtechensky lane, 1/2, 2nd floor,
Ballet Academy
Gediminas Taranda.

Cost of admission -
54.99 $
Kablukov Denis Aleksandrovich

Author of the books “Health in Ballet” and “Ballerina’s Foot.”
Developer of special simulators and methods for developing data and maintaining health.
Graduated from Vladivostok State Medical University with a degree in Pediatrics in 2012, internship in Neurology in 2013, residency in Manual Medicine in 2015, postgraduate study in Clinical Medicine in 2019, in parallel with postgraduate studies underwent several professional retrainings in the specialties “Sports Medicine” and “Health Care Organization”.

After graduating from university, I had experience working with athletes, including children. From 2016 to 2020, he worked at the Primorsky branch of the Mariinsky Theater as chief physician and physician providing medical and biological support to the ballet troupe. There I had the opportunity to observe and study the changes caused by special physical training in the body of a ballet dancer.
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