Device for stretching
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This is a unique device for stretching that helps safely and painlessly develop the front split. Some sports and dance elements require wide range movements of the lower
limbs relative to the torso, but certain muscle groups limit these motions.
The efficiency and safety of this device and proposed method are rooted in the principals of muscular performance. This device provides no passive impact on the muscular system in an attempt to stretch it.

The operation of the device is based on the principles of reciprocal inhibition and postisometric relaxation. The body of the device and the exercises performed on it create the perfect conditions for developing the front split without damaging muscle tissue.
No decrease in strength and control.
Advantages of training with the device for stretching:
- painless stretching, as there is no damage to the structure of the muscle tissue, like with passive stretching;
- square hips in the front split, since it’s using the short lever principle, unlike traditional stretching methods;
- freedom of movement, as the muscle groups running across the hip joint won’t be limiting its mobility;
- physical health, because we’re working the muscle tissues through the brain and spinal cord, not pulling on it like a rubber band.
The set also includes a drawn instruction manual for the trainer, as well a video instruction can be found here.
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