Ankle joint trainer
SKU: 700.954.29
This is a unique trainer that will increase the mobility of the ankle joint. It will preserve the health not only of the foot but also of the whole body. The limitation of ankle mobility begins to compensate for the foot due to pronation (blockage) which is unacceptable in choreography. Together with the pronation of the foot, internal rotation of the entire lower limb also occurs leading to disruption of normal biomechanics and serious injuries.

The exercise trainer is made of natural wood and covered with a protective varnish, so the natural color of the wood remains and it is pleasant to hold it in your hands.

The result of use is noticeable after just 1 minute of performing exercises on the simulator and it consists not only in maintaining the arched structure of the foot, but also in more eversional positions.

The size of the exercise machine is universal and is suitable for foot sizes 32-33 (from 8 years old). This is done specifically to protect children from using the machine too early.
The inserts located at the front and back of the machine can be of different colors, depending on your preferences.
The set also includes a drawn instruction manual for the trainer, as well a video instruction can be found here.
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