The back of the trainer is designed in such a way that when performing maximum flexion of the ankle joint, it touches the floor, this gives a drop in the pressure of the heel to the floor, and the formation of the necessary skill when performing choreographic elements
The insert in the front of the trainer will allow you to correctly position the forefoot and extend all the toes as passively as possible. This provides the necessary starting position of the foot before starting the exercises.
The insert in the back of the trainer will position the heel bone correctly and keep it in a comfortable position right in the middle of the trainer
The shape of the trainer allows performing uniform, smooth movements caused by flexion and extension of the ankle joint with a stable foot. There are anti-slip bands on the bottom of the trainer making the exercise safe.
This unique tool will teach your body and brain to work properly. Total of 10 minutes a day will improve mobility
ankle joint which will maintain the health of the foot and the whole body.
Very easy!
The trainer can and should be used independently, see for yourself!
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Benefits of the trainer:
  • Ankle mobility
    Due to the special shape of the simulator, the foot is in a fixed position, which, when performing movements, loads only the ankle joint, increasing mobility in it.
  • Stability of the foot
    Good mobility of the ankle joint protects the foot from compensation (blockages), allowing it to maintain its structure, that is, the arched structure during the execution of the elements.
  • Improves eversion
    Pronation of the foot (blockages) is always accompanied by internal rotation of the entire lower limb. Therefore, the use of the simulator allows performing choreographic elements in a more inverted manner. You can see it right away!
  • Improves jump
    By increasing the mobility of the ankle and maintaining the correct shape of the foot, the correct lever is formed in the Plie before the jump, which allows you to push much higher.
  • Improving foot lift
    Due to the shape of the trainer, the entire load falls on the ankle joint. The work in them becomes more pronounced and this is immediately noticeable.
  • Keeps health
    When performing choreographic elements, the simulator allows you to correctly distribute body weight on the transverse arch without shifting the extreme points of support which preserves the health of the foot.
Ankle Joint Trainer
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