Ballet Turnout Training Device
SKU: 700.954.29
Currently, the automatic shipping option is for Russian Federation only. For international delivery, fill out the form below. This is a unique training device, designed to increase the range of motion in the hip joint. The ballet turnout combines an individual’s unique anatomy and efficient use of their natural abilities.
Regular use of the device leads to training the mobility of the hip joint, the ability to turnout the leg without shifting the position of the hips. The activation of the gluteal muscles, the main external rotators when using the device, train to not just tighten the buttocks but to turn out the thighs when doing so, leading to an increase in range of motion. Designed for both individual and group use. It is universal and is suitable for children as well as adults. The main goal when it comes to physical education is establishing healthy movement habits. The only way to train the legs to turnout for a plié is to do a plié
This ballet turnout training device shall help with that. Instructions for use [Download instruction]
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The set also includes a drawn instruction manual for the trainer, as well a video instruction can be found here.
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