Simulator Ballet Turnout Training Device
An innovative approach to the body
This is a unique simulator that will increase the volume of controlled movements in the hip joint. Ballet turnout is a combination of unique anatomy and the efficiency of using your data. Regular use of the simulator has a learning effect on the development of mobility of the hip joint, which consists in the ability to rotate the thigh outward relative to a stationary pelvis. Actively engaging the gluteal muscles, which are the main external rotators of the hip, using a machine will teach you not just to squeeze your buttocks, but to rotate your hips outward, which will increase the range of active movements.
The simulator is intended for individual and group use.

The simulator is universal and suitable for both children and adults

The principle of operation is to turn the support platforms of the simulator outward due to the active work of the gluteal muscles and keep them in an expanded position while performing choreographic elements. The degree of resistance of the support platforms is adjusted using rubber bands of different resistance
Development of eversion in plie is possible only when performing plie. Training different motor patterns when performing Pa with the lower limbs in open and closed motor chains is trained differently. Thus, you can train the reversible position of the working limb by performing ground gymnastics; this will be effective, but will not affect the ability to hold the limbs in a reversible plie. Using a ballet turnout trainer, you can more effectively explain how to turn your limbs outward in a closed kinetic chain, that is, in plie.

By creating minimal resistance when turning the limbs outward, the gluteal muscles are actively activated in different operating modes; the isometric mode is especially important when maintaining the turned-out position. Turnout is not due to the feet clinging to the surface, but due to the active work of the muscles
How does the simulator work?
It's very simple!
The simulator can be used independently, see for yourself!
Advantages of the simulator

Safe development of data thanks to controlled movements when using the machine

The exercise machine is suitable for both children and adults thanks to the replaceable bands that provide resistance to the support platforms.

The dimensions of the simulator allow it to be comfortably placed both at home and in the dance hall.

Simple exercises that children can do both independently and under the supervision of a teacher

The ability to increase the degree of resistance of the support platforms will allow you to complicate the trained movements

Improving physical performance by learning to use your body
Simulator Ballet Turnout Training Device
with care for your health from HEALMO

When developing eversion in plie, it is necessary to performplie

Increasing the mobility of the hip joint will allow performing eversion elements with less compensation in neighboring regions