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Book Ballerina's foot Japan
Electronic version
Taking care of health, a rational approach to training, and knowledge of the principles of growth and development of the human body will allow the reader to acquire new skills and emotions in a profession related to the movement.
There are many opinions and recommendations regarding foot development, whether in ballet, gymnastics, or other aesthetic directions.
In this book, I systematized the knowledge I collected bit by bit from various sources. These are international conferences, scientific articles, printed publications by Russian and foreign authors, and, of course, my experience of working with artists of the Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre as a doctor providing medical and biological support for the ballet troupe.

This book will help everyone whose life, hobbies, and work connect with movement, with learning movement. The knowledge and skills acquired at the beginning of a long journey are the foundation on which we place everything else.
That is why it is necessary to lay the correct habits and an understanding of the structure and work of the musculoskeletal system for children. It will allow us to find a completely different approach to training and selecting physical exercises. Understanding the foot structure, its works, how it grows and develops, and how to prevent diseases associated with physical activity - that's what will help to maintain health in the profession. A profession that brings so many emotions to both performers and viewers!
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